Xero Accounting

Cloud Accounting

‘Working in the Cloud’, Live Accounting’, ‘Cloud Accounting’, ‘Cloud Computing’ are all terms you are starting to hear more and more. We are definitely seeing the momentum grow in the business world as everyone gets a better understanding of the benefits it holds.

What is “The Cloud”?

Quite simply, cloud computing is the offering of applications and services over the internet, on demand, as if it were installed locally.

How can “Live Accounting” benefit my business?

– Anywhere, anytime — 24/7 access from any internet connection in the world (even via your iPhone or Blackberry mobile devices)
– Real-time view of your cash flow and bank balances
– Automated bank feeds – no more cumbersome manual entries of bank transactions Real-time collaboration with your Accountant — sharing the same data at the same time
– No hardware installations, manual back-ups or maintenance/support costs saving you time and money
– Software upgrades while you sleep…for free
– No cumbersome transfer / sharing of data files that can be corrupted or out-of-date Cash flow friendly with predictable monthly subscriptions

Sondergaard Accountants has partnered with Xero and Myob that offers cloud based Packages tailored for specific business’s needs. Contact us to make an appointment to discuss your requirements.