Rhythm Of Business

We create points of reference in our lives, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and holidays. In our business lives we can lose our rhythm and a day blurs into weeks, months and years.

Boring Quarterly BAS returns and Year End Tax Returns become our key reference cycles.

These are too often hindsight events that we react too. We need to challenge ourselves into a more proactive stance. One way of doing this is using Verne Harish’s Rhythm Meetings. You may say “Oh…not more meetings”, but a properly executed meeting will help you save time and money. Developing a good meeting rhythm in your organisation which allows you to use a series of meetings to build upon each other. This will allow management to see patterns that will help them make better and faster decisions. In addition, communication in a focused and structured way you can cut out inefficiency in the organisation and fly towards your goals and successes.

Typically to get this rhythm going you need to consider these –

Annual Meeting – review last year’s goals, set and get alignment among your management team around this year’s plan.

Quarterly Meetings – measuring progress toward your year-end goals and discuss what you need to do in the coming quarter.

Monthly Meetings – review progress with everyone, discuss financial results, and make appropriate adjustments. Focus on a monthly learning topic.

Daily Huddles – these are 5-15 minute stand-up meetings for everyone. Use them to ensure everyone is focused on the right activities, identify and blocks that may reduce efficiency or the completion of a task/project.

Specific Purpose Meetings – these meetings only include those people necessary to get something done, remove a bottleneck, and/or are designed to make a decision.

As part of our consulting business program we can assist you in setting these up.