Whether your affairs appear simple or you’re an investor, business owner or retiree there are simple strategies that can make a big difference to your life.  Our skill is in understanding and identifying the right strategies for you.  We even help Accountants in Commerce with their strategies!  Can we help you?

Please click on the link below to download our questionnaire.  It’s a word document which we find more flexible and easier to use than Web Forms because you can write what you want quite flexibly.  This allows us to efficiently understand your situation and provide effective advice and strategies appropriate to you.  What’s your ten-year plan?  How much will you be worth in ten years and what can you do to improve on this?

Client Information Questionnaire

Click on the link above for the questionnaire and email the completed questionnaire to info@sondergaard.com.au and we’ll get back to you within one working day.

Do you want to contact us via Skype?

All our accountants are on Skype – just insert their email address in your skype – invite a connection and they will add you to their Skype contacts and skype you.

3 thoughts on “Questionnaire

  1. Impressive site. No doubt your clients appreciate your services and the time invested in your digital presence. I did however notice your business does not have a very strong LinkedIn presence.

    As you know, LinkedIn is the number one business social network and the best tool for networking and business growth.

    My company Drivetheleads.com uses LinkedIn networking exclusively for growth hacking on behalf of clients. The targeting is simply amazing.

    Can we schedule a quick demo or I can shoot you over an explainer video that reviews how my team can easily help expand your client base in a super affordable way?

    Steve French

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