Our Team

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Charles Sondergaard

Sole Director

Charles Sondergaard, director of Sondergaard Accountants is a qualified chartered accountant, registered tax agent and company auditor.  With 38 years in the financial industry, Charles has a passion for strategies and an overall knowledge of business and tax planning that is second to none. 

Kate Sondergaard
Finance Broker

Kate Sondergaard has a degree in law and finance in Poland and an Australian diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.  Kate leads up our Finance Broking division helping clients with home and investment property loans, car and equipment finance and any other lending and finance needs for our Business and Individual clients.

Ajit Khisti

Ajit joined our Business Division as a Consulting Accountant looking at all business and individual clients including advising on Residency, Property Investors and a range of other matters.

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