Why a Self Managed Super Fund?

  1. Create wealth for retirement
  2. Invest for the long term
  3. Zero tax in retirement
  4. Portfolio Strategy
  5. Better than a family trust
  6. Tailor to your personal needs
  7. Provide for your dependents
  8. Plan a financially secure retirement
  9. Protect your assets against bankruptcy
  10. Great for property investors

A SMSF allows you to take control of your investment strategies, giving you great flexibility with investments, retirement income options and estate planning. You pay 15% tax on investment income during the accumulation phase and zero tax during the pension phase.

Interested in property purchase in an SMSF?  Our network of property agents, mortgage brokers, banks and lawyers makes this complex process seamless.

Everything we do is based upon the best outcome for the client. We apply strategic thinking and structures to provide you with expert tax advice.

Let us show you how to use your SMSF to take full advantage of the available tax benefits.

You already have a SMSF? Then let us show you how to use your existing SMSF to take full advantage of the available benefits.

Our services go beyond the annual accounts & tax return. We like to get to know you and fully understand your needs, dreams, and goals. We want you to have a “super future”!

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