Increase your Productivity by up to 67% and reclaim 2 hours back a day



Our world has changed, there’s too much information and too many things to do! To thrive you need an easy to use system that helps you take back control. You have that system at your finger tips. Many of us just have never been shown how to use it. You will learn how to:

  • Set up and use your office tools to find things instantly
  • Cut through the deluge of request of requests and information received daily so you know exactly what to do and have more time to do it
  • Reduce the multitude of distractions and increase your focus
  • Stop jumping from one task to another AND finish what you start
  • Reduce procrastination and start things you don’t want to do
  • Sift and immediately control over your workload and an easy way to resolve of conflicting priorities
  • Prioritize to ensure the most important work is completed first even when there is so much to juggle and keep track of
  • Reduce your inbox to zero on regularly, quickly and efficiently
  • Track and manage your workload to guarantee nothing falls through the cracks or causes problems
  • Calculate your capacity and the capacity of your team
  • Increase follow through and ownership removing the need for you to micro-manage and take over and the last minute
  • Reduce reactivity and lurching from one crisis to the next
  • Structure your day and week to manage changing workloads, and meet deadlines and priorities

This program will give you the exact practical steps to take, what to do and say to reclaim over 200 hrs a year. You will leave wondering why you were never taught this a school and eager to apply what you have learnt. Tea and coffee on registration and morning tea provided.


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