Get the latest Self-managed Super Strategies Sponsored by Westgen Solar Bonds

Monday 27 November at Citywest Reception Centre,

45 Plaistowe Mews, West Perth   FREE PARKING

Registration from 5.30pm,  starting sharply at 6.00pm

Presentation followed by drinks and snacks while networking

Limited seats   FREE EVENT

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The benefits of attending this session are:

1. Learn why SMSFs make more millionaires than any other superannuation fund and why SMSF millionaires are currently growing at a fast pace;

2.  Finding out why a Family Super Fund – a highly preferred type of SMSF is your best bet in the long term and how to convert a SMSF into a Family Super Fund and for those looking to start a SMSF why a Family SMSF is your best choice;

3. How real, long term wealth is created with SMSFs and Family Super Funds using innovative investment strategies tailored to the member as well as making the most of all tax concessions, tax offsets and credits in the Fund;

4. How many SMSF Trustees engineered a successful investment strategy in the last GFC and what to do when another asset downturn comes around.  Don’t be at the hands of a retail or industry fund and see your capital diminish!

5. Getting the inside scoop on the SMSF strategies that the big end of town use

Sondergaard Self-Managed Super Strategies

Sondergaard Accountants are the SMSF Specialists in Perth! Gina Davidson heads up the Specialist SMSF Division and has helped heaps of clients with a range of different strategies and family situations.

We are so lucky to have Grant Abbott, our technical guru for the last 10 years, helping us to stay at the fore-front of superannuation changes.

Grant Abbott             

Grant Abbott has a Masters of Laws specialising in tax and superannuation law.  He has been at the forefront of self-managed super fund thinking since 1994.  Author of “Guide to Self Managed Super Funds” and “SMSF Strategy Guide” for CCH, Grant has presented on more than 1,500 occasions to more than 100,000 SMSF Trustees and has now launched his fifth book – “The Guru’s Guide to SMSFs” to critical acclaim.

This is Grant’s first SMSF Trustee talk since the launch of his book and we asked Grant what attendees can expect:  “I love SMSFs and have committed my life to learning and teaching others about the ins and outs, learnings, strategies and real benefits of a SMSF for more than 25 years – with passion and bringing everything to the table.  I have written five books now, presented to more than 100,000 Trustees and this is by far my best book. For everyone who comes I am going to give away a personally autographed copy.  Now I don’t care whether you have a SMSF or thinking about one – take the time to come and be entertained and have your mind stretched.”  Grant Abbott 

Charles Sondergaard – Sondergaard Accountants

Chartered Accountant and registered Tax Agent, Charles is known for his strategies and problem solving, and helps clients with portfolia stategy.

Gina Davidson – Sondergaard Accountants

Gina Davidson is a Chartered Tax Advisor, Registered Tax Agent, accredited SMSF Specialist, Financial Advisor – and one of Perth’s leading SMSF Specialists.  Gina will inspire you to take control of your finances and work towards a financially secure future.

Westgen Solar Bonds

Byford Solar Farm is a 75-hectare solar project that will have the capacity to generate up to 30MW of electricity for the south-west integrated system. It is expected that output will commence in mid-2018.  In a landmark agreement for WA, Wesfarmer’s subsidiary “Kleenheat” has entered into a binding 10-year agreement to buy energy and renewable energy certificates generated from WestGen’s Byford Solar Farm. Learn about investment opportunities in this exciting WA project through shares or via the newly launched infrastructure solar energy bonds.

Warren Murphy and Stuart Nelson will give an overview of the project and the Westgen Solar Bonds and how they may fit into your investment portfolio.

Warren is a senior executive with over 20 years of experience in the energy and finance sectors.  He led the team that created Australia’s largest renewable energy company, Infigen Energy.

Stuart is a senior corporate executive, with 30 years’ experience in corporate leadership and advisory roles with some of Australia’s leading and most well-respected companies. 

 Free event sponsored by Sondergaard and Westgen