Essential (Time Management) Secrets Program

 Time for a change

Purchase a ticket before 17th May 2016 and get a free copy of

“The Secrets On Mastering Time” (RRP $25)

People understand they need to get onto work of high importance they just “don’t have time” to do it.

This program answer the question, “How do I find the time?”


Session 1: Essential Efficiency Secrets Tuesday the 31st May 5.30 – 8.30pm

Objective: To reclaim 2 hours a day using efficient work practices and leave with a clear inbox and the knowledge of how to do this forever more.

You will learn…

  • Invisible systems that reduce reactivity and help you cut through the deluge of information received giving you more time to focus less distractions and multiple handling.
  • The “sifting process”: giving participants immediate control over their workload and an easy way to resolve of conflicting priorities.
  • The art of “prioritising”: how to prioritise to ensure the most important work is completed first when there is so much to juggle.
  • Email management: How to reduce email to zero on a regular basis quickly and efficiently.
  • Workload tracking and management: How to use your calendar system to guarantee nothing falls through the cracks.

A 3-hour face to face workshop, incorporating implementation. through the implementation, participants will be shown how to use the tools at their fingertips and apply what they have learnt through the workshop.

Session 2: Essential Planning Secrets Wednesday 1st June 5.30 – 8.30 pm

Objective: To ensure targets are met easily and on time. To improve communication and drive all projects to closure in a planned and proactive manner.

You will learn…

  • The ‘Big Rock’ formula and how it helps increase time spent on value adding activities, communication and follow through by increasing ownership of tasks and removing the need to micro-manage.
  • Everyday techniques and routines that reduce crises, reactivity and increase proactive planning.
  • Linking to work management tools to calendar usage to create a single seamless process, avoiding the need to rely on memory.
  • Scheduling secrets: How to structure the day and week to manage changing workloads, and meet deadlines and priorities.

Timing: A 3-hour face to face workshop incorporating implementation.


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Tuesday, 31st May 2016

5.30pm to 8.30pm

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Wednesday, 1st June 2016

5.30pm to 8.30pm

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Wise Click, U1/14 Halley Road, Balcatta WA 6021

Purchase a ticket before 17th May 2016 and get a free copy of

“The Secrets On Mastering Time” (RRP $25)


Light dinner provided (finger food) and tea, coffee, soft drinks

Free Parking Available

What to bring:

  • Laptop
  • Paper and pen
  • If your calendar is internet based you will need access to the internet


350 x 350 clearer


Angie ‘Speedy’ Spiteri (Time Equals Money)

Angie Spiteri is a Business Efficiency Specialist who through her simple tips and practical tricks has helped thousands of business people and professionals recover an average 2.3 hrs per day and increased their productivity by a massive 25-45%.



Here’s a snapshot of some of the clients Angie has helped improve their workplace efficiency. environment and lifestyle:past clients

City of Cockburn; City of Canning; RAC, St George Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac; Woodside, BP; ScafWest; Benfield; ConocoPhillips; Summit; Smith Thornton; The Investors Club; Aussie Mortgage Brokers; Worldwide Online Printing; Westcoast Tafe; Joondalup Library; Kott Gunning; ECU; Momentum; ITT Water Waste; Maplebridge Consulting; Plan B; Sign A Rama; Michael Patterson & Associates; Haynes and Associates; WA Sports Federation; Macao Consulting; Mack & Co; Draeger; National Transport Insurance; Smorgenson Steel, Energy Power Ltd; Eddystone Primary School; Lake Joondalup Baptist College; Great Southern Business Centre; Capital Partners; JB Were; Fonterra

“Angie has been extremely helpful with helping my team realise that there are alternative ways to improve efficiency. A few simple changes in the way they work will increase productivity and reduce lost time. A very well structured approach and presentation”. Wayne Snook, State Manager, Draeger

“I thought I knew about Time Management before attending your session, however you have presented some modern techniques using currently used technology that I’m sure will help me to be more organised and productive as a result” David Freakley, Partner, Capital Partners


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