1. Are your taxes up to date?
2. Have you taken full advantage of Superannuation?
3. Do you do your Tax planning at the beginning of the year?
4. Have you protected your assets and future income?
5. Who gets your assets and super when you die?
6. If something happens to you are your dependents protected and financially stable?
7. Do you have a plan to pay off your home loan? Can your private debt be converted to tax deductible business or investment debt?
8. Is a Self-Managed Superfund for you?
9. Is your business performing properly and do you have a profit growth and exit plan?
10. Do you know your product profitability?
11. What are the key drivers of your business profitability?
12. What is your cashflow for the next twelve months?
13. Are your business premises in your Self-Managed Superfund?
14. Do you get all the financial advice and strategy you need?
15. Would you like some help to keep your business on track and achieve your goals.
Fail to plan and you plan to fail!

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